Books for Babies

Boost your baby's brainpower

Research shows that reading aloud with children is the single most important thing you can do to prepare a child for reading and learning.

Read together

It’s never too early to start reading to your baby. Even newborns love to hear the rhythm and inflection of your voice. Hold your baby warm and snug in your lap while the two of you share a book. The more you read to your baby, the more his or her brain will grow.

Include short story times throughout your day. Read first thing in the morning, before nap, or include a story in your baby’s bedtime ritual. Read while you feed your baby. Take a book with you and read while waiting at the doctor's office or a restaurant.

Wondering what your baby should be doing at this age? Check out this great list of reading milestones for babies.

Read aloud tips

Older babies like to look for familiar objects and participate by touching, pointing, peeking and moving.  

  • Ask, “Where is the dog?” “Can you find the kitty?”
  • Exclaim, “There is the blue car!” when your child points to the picture.

Have fun! Enthusiasm is infectious, make sure your child catches it! Use voices. Do sound effects. Make a fool of yourself. Your baby will love it!

Even a squirmy worm may be listening. Babies are grabby. Give them their own book to hold or something to gnaw on while you read.

Head to your local library

The Cedar Valley has many great libaries with books for even the youngest readers. Stop in at storytime or spend a morning exploring the library with your child.

Books, books and more books

Nurture a reader. Make books an accessible part of your child's environment. Find a comfy spot where you won't be overly distracted. Create a home that encourages children to become lifelong readers.

You can find great books at local bookstores, thrift stores, garage sales and from friends and family who are ready to pass on books for young readers after their own chilren have grown.

Books for Babies

The Books for Babies program is an iniative of Cedar Valley United Way's Emerging Leaders and made possible through generous gifts from:

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