Financial Stability Data

Photo by <a href="">Michael Longmire</a> on <a href="">Unsplash</a>


Financial stability means an income that can support a family through retirement. We invest in helping hardworking people obtain job training and family-sustaining wages, and then to develop a financial safety net. 

Working families increase their incomes.

Financial stability requires financial independence—enough income to pay for all the basics without help. The latest ALICE report shows what that means in Black Hawk County, Iowa. We invest in training workers so that they can

  • earn enough to support a family in the Cedar Valley. We want to reduce the number of people who need to rely on assistance by helping them 
  • stay out of poverty.

Although the costs of living in the Cedar Valley go up every year, the median income has gone up a little faster. Each year, fewer families are left in poverty. We would like to move a little faster on both measures!




Lower income families create a savings cushion.

Financial stability requires that a family can weather small emergencies. Without a cushion to take car of an unexpected car repair or insurance deductible, a family can be left unable to pay for rent or food. We invest in programs to ensure that

  • working families have $300 in the bank.