Cedar Valley Mental Health Summit

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Friday, September 24, 2021 at Hawkeye Community College


To equip our community's service delivery professionals with tools and best practices to support those who face mental health challenges. We seek to help professionals, who work with these individuals on a daily basis, gain a better understanding of the underlying issues of these individuals' behaviors, as well as how to best respond in a positive, health and impactful way. We also intend to provide attendees with information on local mental health resources, as well as resources for continued learning opportunities.


Nurses, EMS professionals, substance abuse counselors, social workers, educators, and other healthcare providers. 

Continuing Education

Continuing education units will be offered for educators, EMS professionals, nurses, substance abuse counselors, social workers, and other healthcare providers. Participants must attend the entire conference. No partial credit will be awarded. Allied health professionals are responsible for reviewing the governing rules of their board to determine if appropriate subject matter will apply for continuing education.

Keynote Speaker

Kevin Briggs, Golden Gate Guardian, International Crisis Management Expert and Suicide Prevention Advocate

Kevin Briggs PhotoBriggs, a retired California Highway Patrol Sergeant, spent many years patrolling the Golden Gate Bridge. While on patrol, he encountered numerous  individuals clinging to life by a thread - ready to jump off the bridge to what they assumed was a sudden death and ending of their pain and  hopelessness.

Briggs, through his compassion, gentle voice, eye contact, and his innate ability of "listening to understand" encouraged more than 200 individuals over  his career to not go over the bridge's rail. These challenging, but rewarding efforts earned him the nickname "Guardian of the Golden Gate Bridge." After a 23-year career with the California Highway Patrol, Briggs retired to dedicate his life to promote mental health awareness across the globe with Pivotal Points, an organization he founded. 

Today, Briggs is mapping a movement as he speaks and trains others in suicide prevention, crisis management and negotiations. He shares his "Listening to Understand" skills followed up with key active listening points; his personal triad for healthy living; his RELEASE model to assist in communicating with someone in crisis and his crisis safety plan for those who may be struggling. He also discusses in-depth his own personal mental health struggles. Briggs spends the majority of his time speaking/teaching at conferences, advocacy events, colleges and universities, first responder conferences, law enforcement (including FBI and Secret Service), and military bases. He also works with the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention (AFSP), National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI), corporations and other venues.

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