Meet the Chairs of the 2019 CVUW Campaign

WATERLOO, IA—On August 28th, Cedar Valley United Way will kick off its 2019 campaign at the Rally for the Valley. Over 450 business professionals will unite to raise excitement for the work being done in the Cedar Valley.

Leading the 2019 campaign will be co-chairs Steve Carignan and Angela Weekley. As prominent faces in the community, they are already working hard to cultivate support among local businesses and individuals and ensure the success of this year’s campaigning efforts.

With the kick-off event nearing, Carignan and Weekley are highly anticipating the positive impacts that the upcoming campaign will have on the community. “I'm passionate about making an impact because I know first-hand how giving someone a hand up (or even a hand out) can help them reach back and bring others along,” said Weekley, Community Inclusion Manager at Veridian Credit Union.

Carignan, also a campaign co-chair and Associate Dean of Special Programs and Executive Director at Gallagher Bluedorn, added “I believe that the true measure of a society, nation, state and city is the generosity with which they treat their most vulnerable members. I think we have the capacity to be great and we need to live that.”

United, we fight for the health, education, and financial stability of every person in our community. Carignan and Weekley are excited to help lead the charge this year and motivate the community to take action against the problems in the Cedar Valley.

As they continue to prepare for the 2019 campaign that launches in just a few weeks, the co-chairs shared goals they hope to accomplish through their campaign efforts.

"My goal this year is not just to bring in record dollars, but to inspire others to help each other by giving, caring and supporting each other," said Weekley. 

Carignan is also driven to exceed past campaign totals this year. “Participation (is one of my goals this year). Even more than that bottom line, I want to help people find their place in helping others and start on a habit of kindness and generosity” he stated.

When asked what the best part of the Cedar Valley is, Weekley enthusiastically stated, "Wherever I go, I feel at home. At work I feel like I'm with family, at church I have church family, in the community, I am part of an even larger family. We care and take care of each other." While Carignan added, "And the people! Everyone is generous and open. Having come from New England some 20 years ago, i have been struck again and again with the warmth and friendliness we exhibit to strangers and our generosity of spirit."

Cedar Valley United Way is thrilled to have such dedicated and enthusiastic co-chairs leading the 2019 campaign. With their determination, passion, and persistence driving the movement, Cedar Valley United Way will surely accomplish incredible things during this year’s campaign. By Living United, we’re strengthening the community and creating lasting, positive change in the Cedar Valley.

"I am humbled by the long tradition of community chairs and the quality of those who have served before. The United Way is a critical support system for our service agencies and citizens. I am honored to be a part of it," said Carignan. Continued Weekley, "I come from a background that required me to benefit from several agencies supported by the campaign. I have given to United Way since I was 16, knowing that some of the dollars would come back to help me and my family." Thank you to both Steve and Angela for being our campaign co-chairs. We are excited to launch this year's campaign with you both leading the charge. 

Give Where You Live. Together, we can change lives. To learn more about Cedar Valley United Way, visit For more information on Cedar Valley United Way’s Rally for the Valley, contact Sam Meier at