Tiffany's Story

Struggling to hold a full-time job and lacking motivation to go to school every day, Tiffany had a difficult time finding a job that could accommodate to her busy life as a single mother of three children. She felt unsure about how to balance work, school, and motherhood. But, soon after Tiffany decided to seek help at the House of Hope, Sherry provided Tiffany with the help and resources she needed to get back up on her feet. 

When Tiffany and Sherry first began meeting, they researched various jobs that would best suit Tiffany’s life as both a mother and student. During one of their meetings, Tiffany noticed a part-time receptionist job posting at a local college. Delighted to have found a job that really appealed to her, Tiffany was eager to apply. Together, Sherry and Tiffany worked to produce a resume and cover letter for the position and formatted each to relate to Tiffany’s experience. Less than a week later, Tiffany was asked to interview for the position.
With Sherry’s guidance, Tiffany prepped for the interview by reviewing the job description and practicing answers to some mock interview questions. Shortly after Tiffany’s formal interview, she was contacted with an offer to fill the position. 
Now, several months later, Tiffany is still employed and loves the environment at her job. She has even been offered an opportunity to grow within the position.
Cedar Valley United Way is proud to support agencies like House of Hope that help people like Tiffany. Together, we fight for the health, education, and financial stability of every person in our community. To live better, we must Live United.
We are Cedar Valley Strong!
*Names in the story have been altered to preserve anonymity.