Silver Bough

Members of the Cedar Society for Leadership Giving's Silver Bough contribute $2,000-4,999 to Cedar Valley United Way. The following list includes people whose gift for the 2016 campaign has been received and will be updated regularly throughout the campaign. Thanks to all of these people for being heroes for the Cedar Valley.


Dustin Abbas
John and Jolan Adams
Jay and Kathy Agness
Dave and Jeanne Albaugh
Daniel Allen
Nicholas Arendt
Wayne and Sheila Baird
Russel and Stacey Bentley
Monte and Rebecca Berg
Gary and Rebecca Bertch
Roger Burjes
Sue Wilson-Carskadon
Scott Cawelti
Angeleita Floyd
Michael and Sue Courts
Roy Devault
Sharon Duclos
Jack and Holly Dusenbery
Ronald and Denise Flory
Russell and Rhonda Frerichs
Bob and Nancy Friedman
Jackson Gatliff
Jerry and Sue Green
Larry and Jeanne Gregory
Leonard and Maureen Hansen
Jill Hanus
Kevin Hemmen
Paul and Andrea Holst
Richard and Lisa Hurban
George Johnson
Zifan Ju and Guang Jin
Gary and Gayle Keys
Mike Knapp and Micalea Lorenz
Daniel Koenigsfeld
Shawn Kolterman
James and Kathy Krieg
Mark and Lisa Lane
Gene Lawin
David and Nancy Lemons
Paul Mason
Edward and Michele McCann
Fred Miehe
Thomas Moore
Christopher Myers
Judy Myers
Charles Needham
John and Cheryl Peck
Yvonne Petzenhauser
Paul and Nancy Post
Dave Richter
Mark and Abby Rippe
Sammy Sablan
Joe and Peg Sanders
Michael Schobert
Barbara Scoles
Clarence Wayne Southall
David Sparks
Alan and Theresa Stalnaker
Steven Timm
James and Amanda Vervaecke
Jim Waterbury
Daniel and Alice Watters
Mike and Cindy Weinert
Trent Wiles
Jim and Lauri Young


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