Mya's Story

The birth of Mya’s first child involved a cesarean section done by medical staff that did not speak her language. Unsatisfied with that experience, she wanted to learn about other birthing options for the delivery of her second child. Because Mya is Burmese, she needed a maternal healthcare program that could accommodate her language difference while providing her with the same care and support throughout her pregnancy. With access to a phone interpreter, as well as extensive maternal education opportunities, Mya gained the knowledge and encouragement she needed through Allen Memorial Hospital’s Enhanced Maternal Health program.

Unsure of why she had to get a C-section for the delivery of her first child, Mya hoped to receive an explanation from a medical expert. Thankfully, an Allen maternal health nurse helped Mya understand the reasoning and importance of the procedure. After their conversation, Mya felt more at peace and even learned about the option to have a vaginal birth after cesarean (VBAC) this time. The maternal health nurse explained how Mya could approach this birthing method, with the help of her healthcare provider, and advised Mya to attend maternal education courses at Allen in order to better prepare her for the delivery of her second child.

Although she was familiar with beginning labor and the OB facilities, Mya began taking individual childbirth education classes with Allen Women’s Health to get ready for her upcoming delivery which included a VBAC. After delivery, Mya was ecstatic about having had her desired birthing experience and invited the staff to her hospital room to thank them for all their instruction and care throughout her pregnancy and delivery. It was a happy and healthy outcome for both Mya and her new baby.

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*Names in the story have been altered to preserve anonymity.