Endowment Giving

Help ensure Cedar Valley United Way can work for our community for years to come. We hope that you will not only support the United Way annual campaign, but help our community prepare for the future by giving a gift to the Cedar Valley United Way Endowment through the Community Foundation of Northeast Iowa.

With a gift to the Endowment Fund, you will make a lasting difference in the Cedar Valley, improving education, income and health in our community.

Your contribution to the Cedar Valley United Way Endowment Fund makes you eligible to apply for a a 25% state tax credit ($300,000 maximum per taxpayer). This is an addition to the federal tax deductions currently received through charitable giving.

Sample Gift to Cedar Valley United Way Endowment

Amount of Gift $10,000
Endow Iowa Tax Credit $2,500*
Net Federal Deduction $10,000**
Federal Tax Rate 35%***
Federal Tax Savings $3,500****
Total Tax Savings $6,000
Net Cost of Gift $4,000

*25% of the charitable gift made to a permanently endowed fund at a Community Foundation -- maximum annual Endow Iowa Tax credit per taxpayer is $227,590.
** The entire amount of the gift is deductible on federal taxes -- not state.
***Individual marginal tax rates vary.
****Assumes that individual taxpayer utilizes Schedule A (itemized deductions on their federal tax return.

To make a gift to the Cedar Valley United Way Endowment Fund, you can send a check (made payable to Cedar Valley United Way Endowment Fund) to Cedar Valley United Way, 425 Cedar Street, Suite 300, Waterloo, IA 50701. For other giving options including quarterly billing and stock options, please contact Cedar Valley United Way at 319.235.6211.