Women to Women Career Mentoring

Located in the Hawkeye Center at Hawkeye Community College the mission is to assist non-traditional female students attending HCC in attaining their career goals and paths they are pursuing. The Women to Women Career Mentoring Program is for students to receive guidance, support and resources to help improve their lives.

Support resources include:

  • Access to information on child care, housing, transportation, financial assistance, substance abuse, personal counseling, parenting, nutrition, personal finances, and health care
  • "Women to Women Career Mentoring"—a program that matches volunteer mentors with students based on an application process

Women United Success
Sixty-nine mentor/mentee pairings have participated in the project since March 2011. Thirty-four mentees have successfully completed the program and have graduated from Hawkeye Community College as of June 2014. Check out one success story featured in the Waterloo Courier.

As the new semester starts at Hawkeye we would be thrilled to add more mentors to the program. That’s where YOU come in…

Here’s what it takes:

  • Attend one training session (1 hour)
  • Fill out an application that will be used in matching to a student mentee
  • Connect with the mentee—either by phone, email, or in person -on a bi-weekly basis (Most in person meetings with the mentees average 30 to 45 minutes)
  • Most mentoring pairings last for only one year
  • You won’t be helping with homework, but you will be helping a woman understand how important connections and networking can be made in their chosen career field, what skills are necessary to succeed and how to present themselves in an interview

It is important to know that you may or may not have the same career as your mentee. You can be retired from the workforce, still active working or a stay-at-home mom -- what you are offering are life experiences and connections that will make it easier for your mentee to succeed once they go out to the everyday work world.

Please consider becoming a mentor in our program and contact us. Contact program coordinator Cheryl Einsweiler at cmkjeins@gmail.com or 988-3030 or contact Sheila Baird at sheila.baird@cvuw.org or 235-6211 ext. 21 and get additional information!